Repair Inaccessible PDF File

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most advanced, secured and enhanced document creation application that provides practical solution to document or information exchange. This format is a common and highly used format, which makes the co-ordination easier when transferring large amount of information.

However, there may be certain issues that can damage or corrupt PDF documents. When these documents are shared online or handled through several users, the problems may arise. Let us suppose that a PDF document is created and is shared online. Several users may constantly download and upload the same document and may edit or try to change the document, in return corrupting it totally.

At times, some Acrobat versions may not display the error but just provide a blank page instead of the whole PDF file. This makes the situations worse, as the user is least aware of what exactly happened to his/her file.

Check out some other range of errors, which a user might come across:
  • The file get corrupted due to improper shutdown.
  • The file get damaged while uploading or downloading.
  • Acrobat displays errors messages like "File is corrupt or damaged," "there was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid," etc.
  • The file get damaged due to virus attacks.
  • Possible error messages could be, ‘Too few operands’ or ‘an unrecognized token was found’
  • Error in a PDF document can arise while they are transmitted via emails.

It does not matter, due to what reason the PDF file is damaged, it makes the user perplexed and worried and they do not understand how to fix such problems. Once such result-oriented solution for the problem is, fix PDF file tool. It is devised effectively with functionalities to remove any kind of error in the document.

With such amazing functionalities, the tool has proved to be the best option to fix PDF documents. The tool is devised to Repair PDF documents files, which have been damaged due to one or the other logical and physical errors. The software never alters the PDF file properties and formatting, it only examines files and extracts data from them, which is then, re-build into the PDF file along with the data. The tool maintains authenticity of original PDF documents and provides the ease of using.

Free Evaluation Version:

Fix PDF file tool can be availed at free trail. It provides users the feasibility to download, install and evaluate its features and functionalities. The trial version works similar to the original one. After performing the recovery process it displays original text on the alternate pages and leaves the other pages blank of the re-built corrupt PDF file. To view each page, the user is required to purchase the complete version.

Supported versions

The PDF fix tool is compatible with all versions of the PDF files to conduct the repair process. It also supports all the version of Windows Operating System.

Software Features
  • Capable to instantly repair damaged PDF files
  • Efficiently recovers text, images, tables and graphics of the PDF document with utmost accuracy and ease
  • Successfully recovers page- tree, cross reference table and other items
  • Supports assured recovery of PDF files stored in floppy disk, CD, DVD etc.
  • Rebuilds the PDF files with recovered content that too with same name.
  • Retains the properties, structure and formatting intact
  • Integrated with user friendly interface and self- explanatory GUI
  • Supports PDF recovery with all versions of PDF
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • 365 24 7 technical support
  • Free demo version available.
Money Back Guarantee
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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